At Hunter Recruitment Group we love learning more about people than the skills set out in a resume and asking the ‘why’ questions as part of shortlisting is key.

We now do this and more via bespoke one-way video interviewing.

For each role we are filling for our clients we create a personalised question set and have our shortlist respond via one-way video interviews. As a business owner or hiring manager now you get to see a resume but also see & hear from the candidate and make a more informed shortlisting decision.

This cuts down hours of wasted interview time for our clients and also has created more effective recruitment outcomes.

The future is now, it’s time to embrace a more modern recruitment process by engaging HRG to source your next great hire.

If you would like to find out how HRG can assist your business by implementing more streamlined recruitment strategies and employment services Start A Conversation with us today.