HRG hints for hybrid work

HRG hints for hybrid work

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our blog on Hybrid work: why it’s important and how it benefits your business. For many local businesses, it is opening up recruitment opportunities, securing top talent and offering employees flexibility and greater work / life balance.

But how to effectively handle a hybrid workplace? Here, Hunter Recruitment Group have put together a few tips for having an effective and efficient hybrid workplace model in your business.

The team at HRG have long embraced technology in all facets of our work and this is especially important in blending remote work and office / on-site operations. With the right tools and technology to communicate and collaborate – and with the introduction of a secure cloud-based system – your team can be hybrid at the drop of a hat.

Office / Worksite
Rather than a fully remote offering, the hybrid workplace model is a combination and therefore the office or worksite environment is still very important. Your space may be able to be redesigned for the reduction of expenses, but it is also important to offer staff places to collaborate and connect when they are physically together – for example, can you offer multi-purpose meeting and meal spaces for your team?

For the hybrid workplace model to be effective the connection to your people and care for your team must be maintained. Regular check-ins, performance reviews and access to decision-makers will still be important for all employees. Just because team members aren’t physically present in an office space, they must still be considered in the overall achievements, planning and future goals of an organisation.

If you invest in the supporting technology and ensure you have effective communication tools the hybrid workplace model can certainly bring opportunities to your business.

Want to talk further about establishing and promoting your hybrid workplace offering when you are looking to hire staff? Contact Hunter Recruitment Group on (02) 4936 6537.


The recruitment benefits of video interviewing

The recruitment benefits of video interviewing

The team at Hunter Recruitment Group have long been advocates of video interviewing and embracing technology throughout the recruitment process. Here at HRG we strive for the very best recruitment outcomes available, and we know that video interviewing can assist greatly with this.

Today we look more closely at the benefits of video interviewing and how you can make the most of the experience when you are looking to hire new staff.

Effective use of time and resources

Everyone is busy – interviewing can be time-consuming and costly. It is often difficult to get a panel of decision-makers and great candidates together at the same time.

Using pre-recorded video interview technology brings efficiency to the short-listing process; reducing costs, minimising scheduling difficulties and ultimately decreasing the time to successfully fill a role.

Consistency in shortlisting and screening of candidates

At Hunter Recruitment Group we design questions and co-ordinate the video interview process specific to each role and its requirements.

This structure allows you to assess applicants equally, through a consistent lens – improving your chances of identifying the best candidates earlier and progressing them sooner.

Video interviewing also means that you can compare candidate responses side by side and make more accurate decisions, in your own time.

Quality recruitment outcomes

Conducting a video interview, candidates can complete their recording in their own time and environment, without the need to travel or take time away from work. By eliminating these barriers, video interviews increase recruitment opportunities and create a more positive candidate experience.

In a competitive job market, the candidate experience is incredibly important.

Often you need to see and hear a candidate, rather than just read about them, to assess if they meet organisational expectations and fit the role. With a video interview you can spot and secure the best prospects efficiently and effectively.

By embracing technology and connecting with HRG you don’t have to rely solely on a resume on a page when you are looking to make important recruitment decisions.

If you’d like to know more about our video interviewing system and the process Hunter Recruitment Group undertakes to secure great staff don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 4936 6537.


Hybrid work: why it’s important and how it benefits your business

Hybrid work: why it’s important and how it benefits your business

There is nothing quite like a global pandemic to make change! The world is a different place, and without doubt, so is the workplace. After many months of working from home – and the investment and introduction of technology to successfully offer continuity of employment and services, the world of work has seen significant change.

Something that we’ve observed here at Hunter Recruitment Group is the rise of the hybrid workforce model as a result of these changes. And from what we see, it is here to stay.

So, what exactly is hybrid work? How can it benefit your business, and how does it impact recruitment?

Although there is no hard and fast definition of hybrid work, what we are speaking about is a situation where an employee, or in fact a whole team, can work both remotely (from home or another location) in combination with time spent working in an office or specified worksite. It can be a blend of hours, specific days of the week or even nominated times of the year – based on organisational need.

The hybrid model of work offers numerous benefits for both employers and staff, and some of these include:

  • By offering flexibility and accommodating employee preferences for work locations and styles of working, you have the capacity to increase employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Cost savings can be made on travel and transportation, and the effective use of space, time and resources can potentially lower overheads and on-site expenses
  • Having hybrid processes, policies and systems in place brings agility and responsiveness to your organisation should the need to work from home arise again in the future

And the area that we really specialise in – recruitment opportunities!

The employment market of today demands greater flexibility and work / life balance, by offering hybrid opportunities, and not being tied to geographical boundaries, you can hire from a much larger pool of talent – even attracting interstate or international team members.

Of course, as with all workplace practices the hybrid model requires clear communication and expectation setting from both the employer and employee – and we’d also recommend introducing team-building tools to see success across your organisation.

If you are finding it difficult to secure great staff – a hybrid model may just be the answer. And we can help.

If you would like to discuss finding the right fit for your business and our suite of recruitment solutions call HRG on (02) 4936 6537.


Is a career change as good as a holiday?

Is a career change as good as a holiday?

It’s an old saying but generally these are the ones that have an element of truth to them.

They say that a change is as good as a holiday but is this the case when it comes to your employment?

Can a change in your career bring a sense of rejuvenation and lead to you feeling refreshed? Or does the search for a new job cause a whole lot of stress?

Here we discuss the pros and cons of changing careers and how an experienced recruitment agency can guide you through the process.

You may remember not so long ago we discussed The Great Resignation – the pandemic-related phenomena that has seen a host of people seek change in their employment conditions and area of work. A trend that we believe could be reflected here in the Hunter Valley, and Australia more broadly.

If this rings true to you, let’s look at the pros of changing careers, or at very least, jobs or employers.

Motivation, Benefits and Conditions.
If you’ve worked in the same role, or industry, for a substantial amount of time you may feel the need for fresh stimulation, challenge and renewed motivation. This is where a career change can reinvigorate you.

As the desire for greater flexibility in the workplace continues to increase, changing careers or applying for a new job may open up the opportunity for better conditions – for example. hybrid work practices, better hours of work.

In searching for a new role you may also uncover the opportunity to increase your earning capacity. In a competitive market, you may see salary or hourly rate increases, or the inclusion of higher rates of superannuation in job advertisements and contracts.

And now to look at the potential downside of making changes in the current employment market.

Continued Uncertainty.
Given the uncertainty which has greeted us here at the start of 2022 job seekers may feel some trepidation. There has been a significant change to the way businesses operate over the last two years. The economy has shifted and may continue to see challenges related to the pandemic.

How do you know that your future employer can offer stability, reliability and steady leadership through these ‘unprecedented’ times?

This is where an experienced recruitment agency can help.

Support for job seekers.
Working with Hunter Recruitment Group we will get to know you, your work history and gain an insight into your motivation for changing careers.

We will assist with updating your resume and guide you through the application and interview process. HRG can also offer realistic expectations into the current employment market and what to expect from prospective employers.

If you’d like to know more about the candidate experience at Hunter Recruitment Group give us a call on 02 4936 6537 or register with HRG here.

You can also check out our current job vacancies at the following link >


Executive Recruitment: Our tips for Recruiting top level talent into your organisation

Executive Recruitment: Our tips for Recruiting top level talent into your organisation

Executive recruitment, or the process of finding and hiring candidates to fill leadership, or top-level roles across your organisation, is both crucial and often, challenging.

The people in these roles will shape the culture of your workplace and make decisions that define the future success of your business.

With the insights gained over our 15 years working in recruitment, here are some of the most common challenges we’ve uncovered in executive recruitment and tips to overcome them.


Competitive market.
With the employment market already competitive top talent is in high demand. Plus, organisations are fine-tuning their retention strategies to ensure that they can retain excellent staff, rather than having to replace them and re-build industry and organisational knowledge.

Recruiting ‘passive’ candidates.
It is very likely that executive-level candidates and potential leads for your role are already employed by another organisation and not actively seeking a new job.

The executive recruitment process is not as simple as advertising a job on Seek. These candidates will often need to be approached directly and provided with greater detail about the role and the organisation.

On average the time frame for finding and hiring staff at the executive level is much longer than the typical recruitment process. Patience is important as this is a staffing decision not to be rushed.

This also highlights the importance of succession planning across your organisation, and the need to identify skills gaps long before they actually arise.

Here are some of Hunter Recruitment Groups’ tips to secure the best talent and find the perfect fit in your executive recruitment search.

Research, clear expectations and documentation.
It is very important to do your research, be well prepared and have very clear expectations as to what you expect from the person fulfilling the role before you even commence your executive recruitment.

Designing a thorough and detailed job description and defining role objectives will make the experience much smoother.

Your relationship with recruiters.
As a business the better the relationship with local recruiters the more effective they will be to secure the best top talent.

At the Executive Level, the people in charge of sourcing need to have a critical understanding of the current culture and of the culture you wish to create if moving through change. Without this information, you won’t find the right person. Having regular catch-ups with recruiters even if you are not recruiting can be fruitful as they are constantly meeting with the best talent in the market, either through direct recruitment programs or in their networking

Provide an outstanding candidate experience.
Executive recruitment requires an extremely high level of professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality.

Get to know your candidates, understand their motivation and clearly articulate what sets your organisation apart.

The best candidates for executive recruitment may be hard to find – as with all recruitment – you want to treat them with respect and to stand out as an employer of choice.

If you’d like advice and guidance on your executive recruitment process, or you’d like an experienced recruitment professional to manage the process for you, contact Hunter Recruitment Group on 02 4936 6537 we’d be very happy to help.