Let HRG unlock more candidates for your business

Let HRG unlock more candidates for your business

The labour market in Australia is tight in 2024 with a lack of quality supply still effecting speed of placement for all sizes of organisations. Is your business still just relying on seek or other advertising methods to secure the best talent? HRG is your key to unlocking talent in today’s market.

Job ads are not garnering the responses they did pre covid and employers are struggling to source candidates from these methods.

Social media ads and posts are great for your business brand and I still believe that building a positive brand will help drive candidates to your business but it is a long game rather than one that will fill vacant positions now.

At Hunter Recruitment Group we have been delivering stats to our clients for years on fill rates and candidate source. Recently we did a data dive into 2023 and 72% of our successful placements were made with candidates not coming from traditional advertising sources.

Using methods that are not available to internal hiring staff and or business owners and having meaningful conversations with more people and a tenacity to source true culture fit for our clients via proactive search methods has delivered better results.

Start a conversation today with HRG if you are frustrated with the current employment market and you want to partner with a proactive recruitment team.