Tips for video interview success

Tips for video interview success

Here at Hunter Recruitment Group, we are very familiar with the benefits and functionality of video interviewing.

It can foster fantastic recruitment outcomes for clients and candidates alike – we’ve put together a few blogs on this topic.

You can check them out here: ‘Benefits of Video Interviewing’ and here: ’Video Interviewing and Remote Work’

For employers, it gives a greater understanding and knowledge of the applicants for a role and makes the recruitment process smoother and faster.

It cuts out on travel time and expenses – a benefit for everyone involved in the recruitment process and, particularly important if you are looking to recruit in a competitive market or you’re looking to find staff or grow your team fast.

For those applying for a role, in a video interview you can really showcase your skills.

But how to make the most of it?

If you’ve got a video interview coming up – congratulations! The team at HRG has put together some handy video interview tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Project Professionalism

Yes, you may be ‘appearing’ via video but as with all job interviews, displaying your professionalism through presentation, dress and language is very important. Ensure that your appearance is appropriate for the role you are applying for, project confidence with your tone of voice and your body language.

And make sure you select a location with good lighting and acoustics before you commence the video interview – this will have a significant impact on how you present yourself on screen.

Although there may not be an interview panel in front of you ensure that you use eye contact – by looking directly into your webcam – and remember to smile to further express your personality and enthusiasm for the role.

Avoid Technical Issues

We understand that using new technology and software can be daunting – that’s even more reason to test it first!

If you don’t have a computer, tablet or phone that is suitable borrow one for the video. It is very hard to demonstrate that you’re the perfect candidate through a cracked or broken screen.

If you are able, log into the video interview platform ahead of time so that you are familiar with its layout and functionality – and ensure that you have the correct log in credentials you need.

Check your internet connection to ensure that it is reliable (and have a backup plan if / as needed) and test your webcam and microphone to ensure that the picture and sound of your video recordings is clear.

Technical hiccups can also come in the shape of interruptions! Make sure you have a private space away from passersby and external noises, and let your housemates know that you have an important appointment. You could even try a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign!

Be Prepared

Although you may not be attending a face-to-face interview it is important to prepare as if you were.

You know what they say about prior preparation…

Ensure you have a thorough understanding of both the role and the business that you are applying for – review the position description and think about how you can best articulate your suitability.

Look over some sample interview questions and prepare examples of how your previous work experience would benefit you this new role.

If you’d like to register with Hunter Recruitment Group as a candidate we can not only let you know about exciting employment opportunities but assist you with more video interview advice and techniques – we love having career conversations and seeing people succeed.

All the very best for your interview!


Your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists

Your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists

Having been in business in the heart of the Hunter Valley for over 15 years, Hunter Recruitment Group are very proud to be your Hunter Valley recruitment specialists.

Located in central Maitland we love being a part of this community and as a team, proudly support local sporting and community groups.

We’re locals.

Having been involved with the Maitland Business Chamber and a range of other professional organisations we have well-established connections, expertise and knowledge of the Hunter Valley and surrounds.

Partnering with Maitland-based businesses we have streamlined our systems to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. From the initial stages of identifying staffing needs, developing positions descriptions and role responsibilities, to shortlisting and interviews.

Once the right fit has been found, HRG can also assist with on-boarding new employees, payroll, and even HR advice.

We take the hassle out of finding staff – permanent, temporary or contract labour – across the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Looking for a job in the Hunter Valley region?

By registering with Hunter Recruitment Group you are tapping into our local network. Our candidate contact list is the first place we look when we have new work opportunities, exciting roles and upcoming recruitment projects.

On the HRG website we have a job alert sign-up button. You can find it here.

Check the boxes for locations, work type and job styles you are interested and you will be the first to know about them when advertised.

If you are relocating to the Hunter Valley, or thinking of changing your career path, and you’d like to know more about the Hunter Valley employment market, give the team at HRG a call on (02) 4936 6537 – we’re your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists.

Free Resume Writing Workshop and Template

Creating a resume is more than just writing about what you have done at work, Hunter Recruitment Group understands the importance of a great resume and during the current Covid-19 crisis are wanting to help anyone to make the most of their resume and job seeking skills for today and also for the time when employers will need great people to rebuild our economy.
This page not only gives you access to a free downloadable resume template but of more power is our Managing Director Craig McGregor giving you over 20 years of experience and free tips to help you make your resume so much more effective.
The Training video will give you tips on:
  • Format
  • Content
  • Key words & ATS Parsing
  • Achievements based content &
  • The importance of tailoring the resume to the role you are applying for.

Good luck writing your winning resume and remember it is not just all about you – you need to think about your target employer and what they are looking to hire and make sure your resume sells you effectively for their need.

Remember the team at Hunter Recruitment Group is here to assist you with sourcing fantastic roles in the Hunter Region so when you are finished creating your resume register with us here.