Let HRG unlock more candidates for your business

Let HRG unlock more candidates for your business

The labour market in Australia is tight in 2024 with a lack of quality supply still effecting speed of placement for all sizes of organisations. Is your business still just relying on seek or other advertising methods to secure the best talent? HRG is your key to unlocking talent in today’s market.

Job ads are not garnering the responses they did pre covid and employers are struggling to source candidates from these methods.

Social media ads and posts are great for your business brand and I still believe that building a positive brand will help drive candidates to your business but it is a long game rather than one that will fill vacant positions now.

At Hunter Recruitment Group we have been delivering stats to our clients for years on fill rates and candidate source. Recently we did a data dive into 2023 and 72% of our successful placements were made with candidates not coming from traditional advertising sources.

Using methods that are not available to internal hiring staff and or business owners and having meaningful conversations with more people and a tenacity to source true culture fit for our clients via proactive search methods has delivered better results.

Start a conversation today with HRG if you are frustrated with the current employment market and you want to partner with a proactive recruitment team.

Hunter Valley employment and labour market insights

Hunter Valley employment and labour market insights

The team at Hunter Recruitment Group are very proud to be Hunter Valley Recruitment specialists – based in Maitland, NSW for over 15 years, we have seen the region change and employment trends shift.

Of course, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to shake up employment trends, labour markets and recruitment needs even further.

So today we thought we’d share with you the most recent Labour Market Insights for the Hunter, released June 2022 by the National Skills Commission, Australian Government.

For the purpose of reporting, the Hunter Valley is defined by the highlighted area below, and excludes Newcastle.

Across the Hunter there are currently 129,800 people employed.

Of the employed population 73% were in full-time work and 27% were classified as part-time workers.

Interestingly, when looking at the workforce age groups across the Hunter, the 65 and over age bracket has the highest level of participation – sitting at 26.8% – meaning succession planning across Hunter Valley businesses and Hunter-based industries will be coming to the fore very soon.

Of those employed in the Hunter Valley, the following are the largest employing occupations.

Occupation Persons employed
Sales Assistants (General) 6,200
Miners  3,100

Truck Drivers (General)



Fitters (General) 2,800
General Clerks 2,500
Retail Managers (General) 1,800
Commercial Cleaners 1,800
Electricians (General) 1,700
Primary School Teachers 1,500
Aged and Disabled Carers 1,500

Looking further at occupation groups, the chart below details the distribution of workers across occupation groups in the Hunter Valley, including a comparison with the rest of NSW.

And finally, the unemployment rate for the Hunter is currently sitting at 3.9%, slightly above Australia’s unemployment rate of 3.5% – cited as the nation’s lowest in almost 50 years. Whilst the Hunter Valley’s youth unemployment rate is 9.9%.

If you’re looking for a career change, or moving to the Hunter Valley and searching for a job, register with HRG – we’ll let you know as soon as a suitable opportunity opens up.

And for any Hunter Valley-based employers, if you’re searching for staff or looking to improve your recruitment and retention outcomes, give us a call on 4936 6537– we can help.

Statistic Source: https://labourmarketinsights.gov.au/regions/all-regions-abs-sa4/HunterValley

How to boost your recruitment success with video interviews

How to boost your recruitment success with video interviews

We’ve spoken before about the many recruitment benefits of video interviewing and the positive impact that technology can have on your search for staff.

Today we take a closer look at how to conduct a video interview to have the best chance of boosting your recruitment success.

Set the structure

As with any job interview, face-to-face or conducted via video, your questions count! Take the time to evaluate the role and identify what you really need to ask your applicants.

With a video interview, you will see and hear from candidates which gives you great insight but remember that consistency is key.

You want to be able to compare the answers of your candidates, their skill set, and fit for the role adequately, so ensure that they are given the same opportunities throughout the recruitment process.

Clear communication

For some applicants, video interviewing may be a new experience. They may be feeling a little anxious or self-conscious.

To help applicants feel at ease clearly communicate what they can expect, settle their nerves by clarifying any questions they may have ahead of time and provide them with as much information as possible.

Video interviews rely on technology and to avoid glitches or hiccups ensure that all candidates receive the correct links, log-ins and credentials for the video interviewing software or system you are using.

Provide feedback

Statistics show time and time again that candidates are hungry for feedback on how they perform in interviews – particularly if they have been unsuccessful in securing a role.

This is still the case for video interviewees.

Taking the time to provide genuine, considered and constructive feedback is not only positive for your company’s reputation it can improve your future recruitment pipeline and generally makes the process better and more effective for all involved.

Organise onboarding

Despite video interviews being conducted online it is important to remember that your new recruit is indeed human – even if they will be working remotely or in a hybrid capacity it is important to have a great on-boarding process.

Ensure that you can share your company culture with your newest employee and that they feel part of the team and well equipped in their role moving forward.

This should be the case no matter if you have used a traditional face-to-face or video interview technique and something which HRG is very passionate about.

A great on-boarding can alleviate HR issues into the future and assist greatly with staff retention.

If you’d like to discuss your recruitment needs, how to introduce video interviewing for your next hire or how to streamline your on-boarding and payroll processes contact Hunter Recruitment Group on (02) 4936 6537.

Looking for more details on video interviewing, its recruitment benefits and the positive impact it can have when looking for staff? Check out our blogs here:

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The recruitment benefits of video interviewing

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Your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists

Your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists

Having been in business in the heart of the Hunter Valley for over 15 years, Hunter Recruitment Group are very proud to be your Hunter Valley recruitment specialists.

Located in central Maitland we love being a part of this community and as a team, proudly support local sporting and community groups.

We’re locals.

Having been involved with the Maitland Business Chamber and a range of other professional organisations we have well-established connections, expertise and knowledge of the Hunter Valley and surrounds.

Partnering with Maitland-based businesses we have streamlined our systems to provide end-to-end recruitment solutions. From the initial stages of identifying staffing needs, developing positions descriptions and role responsibilities, to shortlisting and interviews.

Once the right fit has been found, HRG can also assist with on-boarding new employees, payroll, and even HR advice.

We take the hassle out of finding staff – permanent, temporary or contract labour – across the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Looking for a job in the Hunter Valley region?

By registering with Hunter Recruitment Group you are tapping into our local network. Our candidate contact list is the first place we look when we have new work opportunities, exciting roles and upcoming recruitment projects.

On the HRG website we have a job alert sign-up button. You can find it here.

Check the boxes for locations, work type and job styles you are interested and you will be the first to know about them when advertised.

If you are relocating to the Hunter Valley, or thinking of changing your career path, and you’d like to know more about the Hunter Valley employment market, give the team at HRG a call on (02) 4936 6537 – we’re your Hunter Valley Recruitment Specialists.

HRG hints for hybrid work

HRG hints for hybrid work

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our blog on Hybrid work: why it’s important and how it benefits your business. For many local businesses, it is opening up recruitment opportunities, securing top talent and offering employees flexibility and greater work / life balance.

But how to effectively handle a hybrid workplace? Here, Hunter Recruitment Group have put together a few tips for having an effective and efficient hybrid workplace model in your business.

The team at HRG have long embraced technology in all facets of our work and this is especially important in blending remote work and office / on-site operations. With the right tools and technology to communicate and collaborate – and with the introduction of a secure cloud-based system – your team can be hybrid at the drop of a hat.

Office / Worksite
Rather than a fully remote offering, the hybrid workplace model is a combination and therefore the office or worksite environment is still very important. Your space may be able to be redesigned for the reduction of expenses, but it is also important to offer staff places to collaborate and connect when they are physically together – for example, can you offer multi-purpose meeting and meal spaces for your team?

For the hybrid workplace model to be effective the connection to your people and care for your team must be maintained. Regular check-ins, performance reviews and access to decision-makers will still be important for all employees. Just because team members aren’t physically present in an office space, they must still be considered in the overall achievements, planning and future goals of an organisation.

If you invest in the supporting technology and ensure you have effective communication tools the hybrid workplace model can certainly bring opportunities to your business.

Want to talk further about establishing and promoting your hybrid workplace offering when you are looking to hire staff? Contact Hunter Recruitment Group on (02) 4936 6537.


The recruitment benefits of video interviewing

The recruitment benefits of video interviewing

The team at Hunter Recruitment Group have long been advocates of video interviewing and embracing technology throughout the recruitment process. Here at HRG we strive for the very best recruitment outcomes available, and we know that video interviewing can assist greatly with this.

Today we look more closely at the benefits of video interviewing and how you can make the most of the experience when you are looking to hire new staff.

Effective use of time and resources

Everyone is busy – interviewing can be time-consuming and costly. It is often difficult to get a panel of decision-makers and great candidates together at the same time.

Using pre-recorded video interview technology brings efficiency to the short-listing process; reducing costs, minimising scheduling difficulties and ultimately decreasing the time to successfully fill a role.

Consistency in shortlisting and screening of candidates

At Hunter Recruitment Group we design questions and co-ordinate the video interview process specific to each role and its requirements.

This structure allows you to assess applicants equally, through a consistent lens – improving your chances of identifying the best candidates earlier and progressing them sooner.

Video interviewing also means that you can compare candidate responses side by side and make more accurate decisions, in your own time.

Quality recruitment outcomes

Conducting a video interview, candidates can complete their recording in their own time and environment, without the need to travel or take time away from work. By eliminating these barriers, video interviews increase recruitment opportunities and create a more positive candidate experience.

In a competitive job market, the candidate experience is incredibly important.

Often you need to see and hear a candidate, rather than just read about them, to assess if they meet organisational expectations and fit the role. With a video interview you can spot and secure the best prospects efficiently and effectively.

By embracing technology and connecting with HRG you don’t have to rely solely on a resume on a page when you are looking to make important recruitment decisions.

If you’d like to know more about our video interviewing system and the process Hunter Recruitment Group undertakes to secure great staff don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 4936 6537.