There is nothing quite like a global pandemic to make change! The world is a different place, and without doubt, so is the workplace. After many months of working from home – and the investment and introduction of technology to successfully offer continuity of employment and services, the world of work has seen significant change.

Something that we’ve observed here at Hunter Recruitment Group is the rise of the hybrid workforce model as a result of these changes. And from what we see, it is here to stay.

So, what exactly is hybrid work? How can it benefit your business, and how does it impact recruitment?

Although there is no hard and fast definition of hybrid work, what we are speaking about is a situation where an employee, or in fact a whole team, can work both remotely (from home or another location) in combination with time spent working in an office or specified worksite. It can be a blend of hours, specific days of the week or even nominated times of the year – based on organisational need.

The hybrid model of work offers numerous benefits for both employers and staff, and some of these include:

  • By offering flexibility and accommodating employee preferences for work locations and styles of working, you have the capacity to increase employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Cost savings can be made on travel and transportation, and the effective use of space, time and resources can potentially lower overheads and on-site expenses
  • Having hybrid processes, policies and systems in place brings agility and responsiveness to your organisation should the need to work from home arise again in the future

And the area that we really specialise in – recruitment opportunities!

The employment market of today demands greater flexibility and work / life balance, by offering hybrid opportunities, and not being tied to geographical boundaries, you can hire from a much larger pool of talent – even attracting interstate or international team members.

Of course, as with all workplace practices the hybrid model requires clear communication and expectation setting from both the employer and employee – and we’d also recommend introducing team-building tools to see success across your organisation.

If you are finding it difficult to secure great staff – a hybrid model may just be the answer. And we can help.

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