Re-Think how you engage now

Re-Think how you engage now

Over the past week we have been working with clients that still need staff but are unsure how to engage.

One great example was a client seeking sector experience which would be extremely difficult to attract in the present market. We have worked with them to re-engineer the current workflow to allow currently experienced staff to take more of the sector style work and have sourced a suitable individual to take care of the immediate need to support the business.

This will be completed as a 6 month contract , when HRG and the client can re-evaluate the situation and potentially go back to recruiting the sector experience they desire.

Now is the time to Re-think how we engage and HRG are the experts to assist with planning and executing such hires during this Covid-19 disruption.

Start a Conversation today with the HRG team to ensure you can operate in this changed world

Prepare NOW for your people needs in 3 weeks

Prepare NOW for your people needs in 3 weeks

With the fast moving issues every business faces with Covid-19 HRG believes it is now time to start thinking about your recruitment needs for 3 weeks from today.

If you are in essential services and you will not be in lock down. Best to plan for 3 weeks from now TODAY or it may be to late.

Your current workforce may be 20, 30, 50 or worse 80% affected either by infection or in quarantine.

Let HRG take action today to create a talent pool you can call on when needed. We have the expertise and the technology to rapidly get a pool of candidates ready

Start a Conversation today with the HRG team to get you ready for what is to come

Video Interviewing during Covid-19 & the new world

In this ever-changing world of recruitment, we face due to Covid-19 and social distancing now is the best time to start a conversation with the video interviewing experts Hunter Recruitment Group.

Let us help you continue to do business, grow your team and find great talent in this new world.
HRG has several models that your business can utilise to source great people through our innovative Video Interviewing Platform.
We can work as your true outsourced recruiter and source you the best possible people whilst limiting face-to-face interactions.

If you would like to find out how HRG can assist your business with better, more streamlined recruitment strategies then Start A Conversation with us today

Listen to how HRG changes lives and businesses

This 2 minute excerpt highlights Hunter Recruitment Group’s ability to source people that deliver holistic fit. We go beyond the “just fill the job” mentality and when we discover candidates that truly fit an organisation and it’s trajectory we make more meaningful placements

To hear the full podcast with Salena Avard from Kis Marketing, follow the links on the right hand side of this post via iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud. It is an inspiring Career Conversation that explores her career path and what it means to find true work life balance.

If you would like to find out how HRG can assist your business through better recruitment strategies then Start A Conversation with us today.

Return to work mum’s can power your business

Return to work mum’s can power your business

Client: We need an administration/accounts officer for 2 days a week.
HRG: Great lets make it 3 days
Client: ?
HRG: 2 days a week with 7.5 hour days = 15 hours a week – 3 days x 5 hours (9am- 230pm with 0.5 hour break) = 15 hours per week – same investment but potentially much higher engagement

Then we do what we always do and find the best fit

This little tweek in thinking has lead to a high number of amazing placements by HRG over the past decade. For the business they get a dedicated employee they can grow with and for the employee it is meaningful work that suits the hours that the return to work mum value so highly.

HRG recognise that being a return to work mum is an individualised process, each mum has different ideas about how work life balance looks.

In our office we have our Admin and Accounts guru Amy that works the school hours 5 days a week and we have our Recruiter extraordinaire Laney who works 3 days in the office and a half day from home (we have embraced tech) and it works for our employees and for our business.

With recent advertising and our brand really drawing great, highly skilled mums looking for casual / part time hours that suit, we have a high number of excellent admin and accounts candidates ready for work

So if you need a dedicated, loyal, high calibre addition to your workforce then Start a Conversation with Laney from HRG today

HRG to Exclusively Recruit for Hume in the Hunter

Hunter Recruitment Group is excited to announce that they will be exclusively recruiting in the Hunter Valley for Hume Community Housing
Hume enters the Hunter Valley region after securing over 2,200 properties to manage in the Community Housing space in Maitland and Port Stephens.
This project commences in late April so keep an eye on our website for individual job advertisements, or if you would like to submit an expression of interest simply click on the apply now button below or call for a confidential conversation on (02) 4936 6537.